South Taiwan Film Festival is created by a group of passionate people, who love movie and care for the lack of film-related occasions in southern Taiwan. Their motive is to import independent films that are worth-watching to southern Taiwan to screen. So the people in southern Taiwan can enjoy the cultural and art activities like those held in northern Taiwan. Also people can broaden their horizon by movies appreciating.

Barring importing famous movies, we encourage, discover young Chinese directors, and provide screening platform for up-and-coming film makers. We hope a film festival can exceed its surface value, becomes a media for us to express our concern toward films and this society. Let movies be more than art exhibition but a motivation to push this society, then evoke audience’s cognition and contemplation.

Therefore, we emphasize on the environmental changes and contemporary social issues like, environment, culture, education, ecology, economy, new immigrants, marginalized groups and local lives, etc. They are issues that we concern, and the public should pay attention to as well.
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