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History of the Festival

2001 South Taiwan Film Festival 
Opened in Kaohsiung, this year’s festival unprecedentedly highlighted on Southern Taiwan. It gives independent films, extraordinary concepts and thoughts spaces to flourish. This film festival used the differences of the south and north, to spotlight southern Taiwan’s creation and culture. 

2002 South Taiwan Film Festival
This year’s film festival opened on the same day with Kaohsiung Film Archive. Harboring the maxims of supporting youth independent filmmaking, importing culture related foreign movies to spur the number and interest of the audience.

2003 South Taiwan Film Festival
This year’s festival held in Tainan for the first time. We started the “Chinese Films Competition” to develop various independent filmmaking styles. The competition received massive echo from people. Especially the topic, “The River, The Ocean and the City Memories” matches the geographical and historical characteristic of Tainan City.

2004 South Taiwan Film Festival
This year’s film festival categorized the selected films into six topics. Moreover, it begins to concern about tribal history and land. Through movies, we can truly learn about our environment and culture. Moreover, this year’s film festival is held not only in Tainan and Kaohsiung, but also extended to Chiayi. 

2005 South Taiwan Film Festival
After having four years of holding experience, and with the intention of encouraging “Chinese independent filmmakers”, the festival imported many distinguished national and foreign films for southern Taiwan audience. And used five topics, “Chinese Movie Observation”, “Southland Tales”, “Childlike Complexion”, “Global Selected” and “South Award-Chinese Film Competition” to discover different life scenarios.

2006 South Taiwan Film Festival
South Film Festival has gained myriad of experience and discovered many exceptional directors. For instance, Lin Yu-Hsien(“Jump! Boys”), Wi Ding Ho (“Respire”), and,Cheng Yu-Chieh (“Do Over”). These directors’ original image aesthetics and creating concepts provided a great inspiration for southern Taiwan’s image culture. Therefore, it became a main idea that South Taiwan Film Festival wanted to promote. 

2007 South Taiwan Film Festival
Except introduced Taiwan’s up-and-coming directors, Singing Chen (“God Man Dog”) and Shen Ko-Shang (“The Pigeon Game”). This festival also advocated an infinite concept, which submitted many ideas about fantasy, imagination and love, in order to widen people’s film vision.

2008 South Taiwan Film Festival
2008 Film Festival had imported many films based on the theme “Travel”. And it also added “Community Film Train” into the festival for the first time. It will carry excellent movies over these years into community, allowing locals to immerse in the enchanting film world.

2009 South Taiwan Film Festival
Deeply moved by the Community Train, we understand the issues locals care about. Taiwan’s society is multicultural due to the immigrants. In this way, this year’s film festival is mainly focus on new immigrants’ issues, and using international point of view to learn the touching stories by people who endeavor for their happiness.

2010 South Taiwan Film Festival
We have acquired supports from locals and fans over these ten years. Even under the shortage of human resource and budget, we still persist in our mission with our passion. After ten years of learning, South Taiwan Film Festival has reached a consensus. Consequently, contemporary issues have become the core of South Taiwan Film Festival. We will apply international view to concern Taiwan from all aspects, such as, culture, environment, transition and local lives. Furthermore, Film Festival is going to keep promoting and introducing international young directors, not only provide them platform to screen, also urging them to film via “South Award—Chinese Films Competition”. Besides, Film Festival wants to lead more people into the unlimited fantastic movie world, and recognize different kinds of movie aesthetics and art.

2011 South Taiwan Film Festival
This year’s budget was being cut down greatly, so the competition was cancelled. However, the small-scale cinema was opened for people to watch movies. The movies were chosen based on the themes of The Collection of Kazuhiro Soda and We Only Have One Earth, and lecturers are invited to do the profound discussion with audience about the themes.

2012 South Taiwan Film Festival
In order to strengthen the tenet of encouraging young filmmakers, the Chinese Films Festival Competition is re-held. The films’ limitations are eliminated, it offers images more room to change. This year’s topic is “Home”, we hope to display the transition of the home and evoke the concern over the issues of eviction, demolition, Urban renewal and discreteness.

2013 South Taiwan Film Festival
After thirteen years of experience, South Taiwan Film Festival has accumulated many films resources and successfully connects the filmmakers and studios in Asia. To integrate with the international films and television, we decided to enhance the film festival by holding an international film festival that contains Tainan City’s essence. Film Festival enables film and television makers from all over the world to stay in Tainan, and witness Tainan City’s progress of film industry all together.